Nuki 3

Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to sharing the pantry space with your best four legged friend. Since bringing Nuki home a little over two years ago, we’ve learned so much about dog owner pantry essentials that we wanted to gather our tried and true product recommendations. Nothing quite beats the feeling of organized and fully stocked pantry, for whatever curve ball life throws at us. Wet nose and wagging tail always come first.


First things first - keeping tummy happy and calm. We love having The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form Herbal Digestive Supplement handy in cases a minor digestive upset happens. Think about it as a soothing herbal cup of tea for humans.


In efforts to reduce single plastic use in our home, we discovered Stasher bags and haven't looked back at ziplocks for dog treats ever since. This snack size is perfect for a good portion of small treats to pack for a walk and it fits just right into my dog-walking belt bag.


The wonders of pumpkin in case of digestive emergency are no surprise for seasoned dog owners. Yet here’s the trick - while canned pumpkin usually goes bad before you get to the last scoop, having Firm Up! Pumpkin in dry form is smartest way to go. Highly recommend stocking up!


Nuki is absolutely obsessed with Whimzees and would throw a tantrum if she’s not getting

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