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Let’s cut to the chase:

Knotably Creative House is the editorial sister to Knotably, our high-end motion / visual content studio based in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.

On this little oasis of internet space we aim to gather our insights on Knotably creative projects and studio processes, behind the scenes, informative highlights on small business owner’s day-to-day life, tips & tricks to inspire fellow creative entrepreneurs to navigate work / life balance with a bliss.

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Small & Mighty

Knotably is led by Oly & Yossi Shamrik (come over here for an official introduction to our team), who not only join their creative forces, vast expertise in various fields (from motion design and animation to art direction and business operations) but also maintain a family lifestyle of creative business owners (with all it’s ups and downs), where the line between work / life balance may become too thin to even notice.

But isn’t that the best part?

While trying to answer that question, the idea of Knotably Creative House was born.

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Many aspects of leading, running and developing a creative business come with a learning curve, it’s big mistakes and small victories (or vice versa).

We are here to provide our (thus, subjective) point of view and expertise on subjects that matter the most for one’s life as a creative entrepreneur. And it’s not necessarily business advice. Google might have all the answers for that.

Constantly refueling our creative resources, having our priorities straight, putting #selfcare first while maintaining success in the business and family life - those are the points that make (or break) one’s creative entrepreneurship journey.